This is just a quick NOtE‏

posted on 28 May 2012 22:30 by pearwow
This is just a quick note to one Monday night we hanged out at one place, 
where the two hearts of us were weary from the world. 
I was happy that u wanna meet me as I missed u,
and I was pleased that I was the one u need after the long harsh day,
as I foolishly assumed it to myself. 
The public soft cushion, 
bottles of beer,
music were simply on its routine
and the conversation were 'the moment of us', as the same old track sings.

u were asking me ' what is OUR song?' . 

And there u go again, my sweet stubborn boy. In the way I'm scared and worried.

5 mins a call to bring u back to the cruel world, that's all I can do.

it's possibly as u always jokingly ( or real, I can't defined) say, 'I'm too into u'.
I think of our house with a table on grass for me&u to drink till drop as forever as we wish. 
Whatever fucking the world has stumped on u tonight or ur cellphone dropped to deep dog shit that ur line was unreachable, 
just u say u'r home.
I'm restless no more. 


just a quick note on 22/5/2012 @ Tree House